How to choose the right location for your dream home – 5 priceless insider tips

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How to choose the right location for your dream home – 5 priceless insider tips

Selecting a location to build the home of your dreams is one of the most important decisions you will make in your life. The location where you live plays a crucial role in terms of appreciation value, lifestyle, growth, and happiness. So it is crucial to consider a few factors before you choose a location to buy a block of land.

Here are 5 priceless tips from our experienced property advisors at  Sizzle properties:

Pick a location where you could raise your children

If you think your kids could be brought up well-rounded in a particular location, then it’s certainly a good sign to buy a plot in that place. Because the foremost thing you want for your kids is world-class education. When you gain access to top educational institutions in close proximity, it indicates the region, even if lying in the outskirts, will prosper soon.

Secondly, you would look out for good healthcare centers, leisure venues, and training institutions nearby. That is to easily take care of your children’s health and expose them to various activities. Last but not the least, you would also care about the neighbourhood. Living amidst a warm, like-minded community that complements your lifestyle and personality is very essential for a child’s overall personality development.

Even if you are a retired person, you would still want to offer the best for your grandkids, right?! So before choosing a location, ask this simple question: “Will I be able to offer a prosperous life for my children by living here?”  It will make you consider all the factors that would tick for the right location.

Evaluate the development possibilities

The number of infrastructure projects an area attracts is directly proportional to the progress of the region. Find out whether there are any ongoing infrastructure projects in the vicinity, or anything slated for the pipeline. It’s a sure-fire way to tell the location will turn into a hot commodity in the coming years.

If you don’t find any government authorized projects in the near future, then chances are the infrastructure and public transport would pose a major problem. So do your research about the development prospects of the particular area, especially if the plot is located in the sub-urban parts.

Enquire about the basic amenities of the location during all seasons

Aside from access to well-paved roads, educational institutions, healthcare centers, and entertainment venues, know about the availability of water, power, and drainage facilities throughout the year. What seems like an ideal location might become flooded in the rainy seasons. Or, you could face water scarcity and power crisis in the summer.

Remember not to make your judgement by just what you see. Talking to people in the neighborhood is a great way to clear such things up.

Frequent the location often before you purchase a plot

Don’t be tempted to purchase a land immediately after your first visit. Commute on your own from the site to the places you would frequent often like schools and workplaces. Perhaps, you might drive, take a bus, or catch a train to reach your office. Try the same means of transport and get the feel of the area before buying a plot.

Also, check out the grocery stores and medical shops in the vicinity to ensure your everyday routine life would go on smoothly, without having to panic during emergency situations.

Discover about the safety of the area

Safety is one factor that should never be overlooked at any cost. Get to know about the crime rate in the region. Do people who live there find it safe to commute even in the late night hours? How close is the police station from your place? You can even consider paying a visit to the area police department to seek their advice.

If you are buying plotted layouts, ask the developer whether they are taking care of the security. Leave no stones unturned to ensure the location you choose is safe at all times.  Because, in the end, peace of mind comes only from knowing your beloved ones are feeling safe and free from danger.

What are the things you would consider when it comes to choosing a location for your home? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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