How to find a trusted real estate developer for buying plots in Bangalore

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How to find a trusted real estate developer for buying plots in Bangalore

Buying a plot is a tedious process. As if that is not enough, the numerous land scams that happen must be really alarming and disturbing, especially for those setting out to buy a piece of land / plot in Bangalore.

However, if you seek the help of a trusted real estate developer in Bangalore, then the story would be different. They will make the entire process easy for you by taking care of everything, from verification of the title deeds to registering the property in your name.

So how do you find a trusted real estate developer in Bangalore? Well, ask these four questions and you will be able to choose the right one.

1. How long are they in the business?

A real estate developer who is in the business for quite a few years is always a safer bet than the newly mushrooming ones. Since the process of buying a land involves a lot of legal issues and bureaucratic processes, the assistance of people who have proven experience and expertise in the real estate industry plays a crucial role.

Besides, these companies & Organizations will also have a track record of successfully selling plots. In fact, you can actually pay a visit to their completed sites and find out whether the company is reliable.

Tip: Do this investigation on your own before approaching the company. Go for a casual visit to their previous sites. Get to know if the purchasers of the plots have encountered any hassles while buying a plot. That way, you will be able to get the real picture of a company than solely relying on their promotional and marketing materials.

2. Are financial institutions offering land loans?

If a property developer can get you land loans from leading government or private banks and financial institutions, then it simply means the plots are legally clear.

Since banks offer land loans only after proper diligence, you can rely on a real estate company that offers land loans.

This is an absolute must-check parameter to ensure if a real estate developer can be trusted.

3. Is the company registered?

Thanks to the Internet, today it is very simple and easy to find out whether a real estate company is registered or not.

All you have to do is visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs Website. Go to this link below and enter the company’s name.

When you enter, for instance, Sizzle Properties, you will get the following details.

Simple, isn’t it? But sadly, most people are not aware of this and end up doing business with fake companies and lose their valuable money and time.

4. Do they have a strong online presence?

Before you approach a real estate developer, you must also check them out online. Do they have a website? Do they blog regularly? Do they have a presence in social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc?

If their website is updated regularly, if they publish blogs on a regular basis, and update their Facebook pages, then it is really a good sign. Be informed that only serious and reputed real estate developers will invest money and time to create a powerful online presence.

Also, you can find out reviews about the companies online. Unhappy customers are sure to vent out their disappointment and frustrating experiences on the net. So a real estate company that cares about its brand image is bound to offer exceptional customer services and take complaints from customers seriously.

Remember, Google is your very own Sherlock Holmes. Use it!

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