6 Vital Questions To Ask Your Plot Developer

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6 Vital Questions To Ask Your Plot Developer

These questions will not only inform the plot developer you are aware of the land buying process, but will also help you make an informed decision.

Buying a land requires careful consideration at every stage. So the questions you ask matter a lot. That’s why, our team at Sizzle Properties, came up with the idea of writing blog post that highlights the most important questions you must ask your plot developer when it comes to purchasing a land in Bangalore.

So shall we jump to these must-ask questions? Here we go!

1. Is the plot legally clear?

Yes! It must be your very first question. Because the land you are buying must certainly be free from any kind of legal disputes. Ideally, it should have clear legal documentations like Title Deed, Encumbrance Certificate, Kathas and so on. .

Your plot developer should be able to produce these documents. If the plot developer does, then you are in the good hands.

2. Are you offering the good amenities?

Certain amenities are an absolute must-have in gated plots. For instance, gated plots in upcoming areas should have Tar roads that are wide enough and provide basic amenities that are required for construction of a house. Also, the plots should be equipped with storm water drains, underground sewerage pipelines, and electricity connection.

Such things must be taken care of by the plot developer while planning the layout. Besides these basic amenities, a reputed plot developer will provide more facilities. For instance at Sizzle Properties, we ensure 24/7 security services, and try to additionally provide lush recreation spaces and play areas for layouts situated on the periphery of Bangalore.

3. Are bank loans available?

Financial institutions offering loans for plots are a positive sign. Usually, availing land loans is a tedious process as banks don’t easily fund without proper verification’s. And if they do, it is only after carefully verifying the deeds and ensuring the land is legally clear and safe to buy.

4. Can we visit your previous projects?

In the real estate industry, approaching a plot developer with credible track record is very essential. New developers may disappear after selling the plots, leaving the buyers helpless if they face any hassles after buying.

Whereas, a plot developer who is in the business for at least a couple of years and has successfully completed projects will be there to serve you if there are any issues even after the sale is done.

Secondly, only plot developers who are serious about their business reputation will be dedicated to offer clear documentations and provide excellent customer support.

5. What shall be the appreciation value for land in the next few years?

While you cannot expect any guaranteed figures as an answer for this question, a reputed plot developer should be able to give you an approximate idea of what you could expect. Normally, a well-located plot with excellent amenities and connectivity will fetch you a good price within a year or two.

For instance, at Sizzle Properties, one of our projects known as “Sai Lake Habitat” was sold at INR 1850 – 1900 Per Sq.Ft. But now, within just a couple of years, the land value has appreciated to INR 3,400 Per Sq.Ft.

In case, if you looking to buy the land for investment purpose, this question will help you arrive at a quick decision. Besides, you can also assess the area development factors and location advantage of the plot by taking the appreciation value into consideration.

6. Is the plot developer capable and experienced enough to take care of EVERYTHING?

Transparent and hassle-free purchasing process is crucial. From documentation to bank loans to post sales support, a good plot developer should make the purchase process absolutely effortless for you. All you have to do is make a payment, verify the documents from your side, and be present to sign off the agreement & Sale Deed. At Sizzle Properties, buying a land is as simple as that. We will never trouble you or waste your time, though you are welcome to crosscheck at any stage merely for you satisfaction.

So, the next time when you approach a plot developer, fire away these questions. It will save a lot of your time, money, and efforts.

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