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“Hi All, I’m Roopak. I brought one property from Sizzle Properties, approximately three years back (in Sizzle Palm Kingdom). The best part about buying this property was how this property was totally litigation free. Before buying this property, I went ahead and searched for a lot of


“ Hi Everyone, i am Naveen. I am from Hubli; Karnataka. I bought a 30 X 50 site (1,500 sqft) from Sizzle Properties.

This plot is situated in Sizzle Palm kingdom Layout; Madehalli (K R Puram). It was almost three years back. Being a middle class salaried employee..


“Hello, my name is Ambarish. I purchased a plot with Sizzle Properties in one of their Layouts named as “Sizzle Sai Lake Habitat”. It is just half a km from Hirendnahalli (Avalahalli, near K R Puram). When I purchased this plot, i was worried about the improvements..

Neeraj Kumar

“Hi. I am Niraj Kumar. I am From Bihar and I’m working in Bangalore as a Graphics Designer. We Planned to Buy a Site in Bangalore. I then went through few websites and searched a lot of properties from builders (Developers). I went through Sizzle Properties website too and I updated my contact number (in the enquiry form). After 2-3 days, i got a call from Sizzle Properties staff and they gave me complete information about all the projects from Sizzle Properties surrounding Bangalore. After 2-3 days, they sent me a cab (for Site Visit). I visited their projects and liked their sites. After that, they gave me all the site related legal documents and told me to check the legal documents and they (sizzle properties staff) also explained to me that I can buy the site after I am completely satisfied.

That time, i felt happy with the all Sizzle staff. Later I took all the property papers (Documents) to the Lawyer for Legal Verification. Lawyer (Advocate) told me the documents are proper and the Site related documents are perfect. He told me to proceed ahead with the purchase of the site. After that I decided to buy the Site. I selected site number 31 (Sizzle Maybelle) and purchased it.

Mrs. Seema (Mr. Niraj Kumar’s Wife) – Hi. My name is Seema. I went along with my husband to see the site and I saw many projects but I liked Sizzle Properties because they gave us Legal documents and gave us the freedom to check and told us to buy it after we were completely satisfied. That was the most important quality that I liked from Sizzle Properties. We selected and purchased Site No.31. A lot of their employees coordinated with us and helped us in the smooth process of our bank loan too. Post our purchase, they even helped us with the Katha Transfer too. They helped us a lot. Their Customer Service team (Customer Relations Team) called us and informed us about Katha Transfer and even offered to help us if we needed their help. I requested them to help us and they helped me a lot.

Sathya helped me a lot. They collected all the information and all documents from the government office and they called me to inform my Katha is transferred in our name. I collected the Katha from their office. I am very happy with the entire staff of Sizzle Properties. They helped me in seeing their projects, in securing my bank loan, registration and for my Katha Transfer. So, I’m very Happy with the Sizzle Properties and I even suggested my Friend to buy a plot with Sizzle Properties without any hesitation because they (Sizzle Properties) will always give true information. Thank you Sizzle Property for helping me in buying a site in Bangalore.”

Anupam Kumar Singh

“My name is Anupam Kumar Singh. I am working for DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization). I Purchased PLOT No: 42 & 43 in IRIS (Plotted Layout) from Sizzle Properties. Iris layout is in Malur (@ Channakal). All the staff and MD are very capable and efficient in doing work. From quotation to registration, everything was smoothly handled by Sizzle Properties. Related to this i would like to (say) thanks to MD and all staff members. Whatever the maintenance or any issues, they used to handle and rectify it smoothly. Not only the issues and also at registration part they use to help us and finish the work in time.

Especially, i would thank Mr. Puneet Mule, Mr. Avin and Mr. Maninder and others for supporting from starting till end in purchasing of my sites. Really it is good. Documents are legal (clear). You can believe in them and go head in purchasing of plots.”


“Hi my name is Suresh. I’m from Tamil Nadu. I am staying in Bangalore from the past 10 years. My aim was to purchase a plot in Bangalore but we thought we can’t purchase a plot in Bangalore since the prices are too high. So we could not purchase in the city and we made up our mind to purchase in the outskirts of Bangalore. Then one of my friends suggested me to search near Malur (Near Hoskote) as there were plenty of developments around that region. We started searching for plots near Malur and visited 4 to 5 projects. We visited Sizzle Properties project (Sizzle Gold Coast) too but we dint know much about Sizzle Properties at that time.

That was the first time i met them (Sizzle Properties Staff) during my routine visit to their project. We dint speak much with them, we just visited their project and inquired about price before returning back. After one week we went to Sizzle Properties office and met their staff to finalize the price. We got a very good deal. They had provided good standard amenities like well laid out roads, gardens, parks, connection of water lines, etc. It was all very well developed. Then, we decided to book the property (plots) and so my friends and i booked 4 to 5 plots (in Sizzle Gold Goast). We collected the legal documents of that property and submitted it our Advocate (Lawyer) for scrutiny. Our Advocate checked all their documents thoroughly and said that the Titles of the property are good and clear and suggested us to proceed ahead with the purchase of our property. I then confirmed my purchase of Plot No.47 in Sizzle Gold Coast layout (Block 2) situated in Malur (@ Nachohalli village). Next we applied bank loan with the assistance of Sizzle Properties and their staff helped me throughout with all the processes of procuring bank loan. The loan got sanctioned and was released without any issues. They completed the registration of my plot too without any hassles. Then i referred some more of my friends to buy in Sizzle Gold Coast. They visited their project and purchased few plots. Sizzle Properties is good. Thank you.”

Pratap Nair

“Hi. My name is Pratap. I was looking for site (to buy) for last 2 months. Then i came across plots offered by Sizzle Properties through an online portal and then i called them up and they asked me to visit their office. They received me very well. Then, they took me to site visit (Projects), which they arranged their own transport. I saw two of their sites. I finally chose two sites at a layout called ATLANTIS (Hoskote – Malur Road). The layout was very well developed and i was provided all documents related to the sites. I was convinced that the site was 100% legally clear. Following this, they arranged bank loan for me.

I dint have to take any trouble regarding bank loan. They followed up and they got me the best rate for 2 sites with bank loan in two weeks. Registration got completed immediately. All formalities was taken care and all i had do to do was to be present at registration office. Normally, this procedure takes a lot of time. They made it very easy for people. Over all, i am happy : )”


“Hi. My name is Manjula. I have purchased a plot from Sizzle Properties. They have their office in K.R Puram (Branch) – (Head Office @ Banasawadi, Outer Ring Road). I got to know about them through my friend. My friend told me that they have very good plots on Hoskote-Malur Road. The entire staff is very well educated and they are very good at organizing in purchasing procedure. They had organized a free site visit. I have taken site no 1 and i am very much satisfied with the plot purchased. Documents are very clear and we had no doubt on the documents provide. They took me to Tahsildar office (SUB REGISTRAR’s Office) and completed the entire registration process.

Even after the registration they help us with all other requirements. They gave entire details and they answered all our queries and guided us whenever we required assistance. Particularly, Mr. Puneet was very helpful and guided us properly throughout the process. I am really very very happy with my property. I am also looking forward to start the construction in a short span of time. It is a gated Layout; very silent area and the connected roads are very nice. There is absolutely no problem. I am sure that in span of 2 to 3 years there will be good developments seen there. So i recommend everybody to purchase sites with them. Sizzle Properties office and the management is very good and also they are always ready to help us with our issues. They even got the Katha transferred done and guided us very well. This year also, i will take their help to make payment for my site (property) tax. There is no doubt about their service as it is of first class. I am very happy for purchasing a plot in Orchids (plotted Layout). Thank you.”

Also, visit our completed and ongoing projects. Talk to our team. And if only you are entirely pleased about everything, you are welcome to buy a property with us. It would definitely be one of the best decisions of your life…