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Very friendly staff and the experience was very good.
Srinivas reddy Sizzle Gold Coast
Super happy with Maninder and Chandrasekhar for their help, support and co-ordination!
Mr.Arnab Karmakar Sizzle Gold Coast
My plot purchase at Malur was very smooth with all valid legal papers. Their Manager Mr. Maninder was very helpful and very professional throughout the process. The best part i liked about them was once they got all the money for the plot they only followed up with me for registration. This happens very rare i believe!
Depen Tamang Sizzle Gold Coast
Thanks for your support Mr.Maninder. With your help and support only, my dreams has come true. Once again thank u for the support what u have given to us. From the day of booking till Registration, the service was excellent.Thank you.
Veena.c Sizzle Gold Coast
Nice journey with Sizzle Properties. Thank you team for your support in all the ways. I am feeling very happy for being a client of Sizzle Properties.
Kadirappa p Sizzle Gold Coast
Kudos to Sizzle that made me buy a good property and feel happy. Thanks to Puneet, Lalitha & Sathya for all their support.
Manjunath PrasadSizzle Gold Coast
We were looking for property in Bangalore but couldn't get anything which was value for money, then came across with Sizzle Properties. Maninder was our P.O.C who explained the site details properly & once we showed interest then we were looking for legal verification which we got it done by our outside lawyer. There we need lot of documents & clarification from legal point of view which was properly fulfill by Maninder from every bits n pieces. Once we were satisfied legally we go ahead & booked in Sizzle Gold Coast where from start to end it was nice experience with Sizzle Properties as our every question was properly addressed. We were always doubtful whenever booking Land property as there are lots of legal complexity but Thanks to Maninder & Sizzle Properties for the smooth process.
Ranjan Sizzle Gold Coast
very clear and friendly way of communication.
jay prakash pandeySizzle Sunshine Coast
"When I expressed with my family that I am going to buy a site, my family member were panicked such that buying a land is complex process and would require a thorough knowledge on legality of the documents. Later, my brother has inquired with his friends about the layout and owners of the Sizzle Properties. My brother was completely sure about the genuineness of the owners and happy to buy site from Sizzle Properties. Thanks to Mr. Maninder for proactive support for all the processing of formalities. Ms. Lalitha's support was extraordinary in timely guidance on loan processing. I will recommend Sizzle Properties to my friends and would buy another site if possible."
Gani Sizzle Gold Coast
Thanks Maninder in providing all help through out enquiry & registration process
Govind Mishra Sizzle Gold Coast
"I had just dropped in along with my brother, who had already bought property just casually. However, location and the people of Sizzle Properties interested me. My first contacts were Harsha and Puneeth. After which everything went on so smooth with all the process. A special thanks to all the Sizzle Properties Staff, Puneeth, Sathya, Ghanshyam. Puneeth made things very simple and easy. Thank You and all the very best to everyone at Sizzle Properties."
Harish V Sizzle Nandi Valley
I am a proud owner of a 30×50 plot which is genuine and litigation free property. All credit should go to Sizzle Properties for their efforts in identifying a genuine property and delivering customer joy and happiness. You are assured that you'll have peace of mind once you have establish relationship with Sizzle Properties. Thanks.
Naveen Kumar.V.M Sizzle Palm Kingdom
Hi, My name is Murali. I have taken a site in Sizzle Sai Lake Habitat and I have constructed house. Sizzle Properties staff only provided assistance in getting the loan. Facilities wise everything is good, We got dedicated transformer (electricty connection) in very short time. Every body in the layout got permanent connection, tar roads was put in the layout, for water we got panchayat connection, property title is clear, if there is any problem, Sizzle Properties response is good, overall I am happy by taking site in the layout, connectivity is good, 1 km from the highway, 10 km to railway station, 1.5 km to the proposed pheripheral ring road.
Murali Krishnam Raju M Sizzle Sailake Habitat
Excellent service
K . ArunSizzle Sunshine Coast
One of the best land developers I have came across, and they maintain all the land documents perfectly. Hassle free process. I strongly recommend.
Kishore Sizzle Sunshine Coast
Thanks for your support, Sizzle Properties staff was very professional on helping customers and transparent on sharing the information. One of the best service provider at my knowledge. Thank you all for your support on getting new plot at Sizzle Sunshine layout, budigere Cross.
Sathish kumar Sizzle Sunshine Coast
I purchased the properties in Sizzle white Willows for constructing my first house. for that i get in touch with maninder and from very first day he was very helping, supporting and very responsiv, he cleared my all doubts regarding property and also help me to provide the all necessary document for verification. Thanks maninder and as well as entire sizzle team who was very prominent regarding entire proccees of buying plot registration and loan.
Vivek Tiwary Sizzle White Willows
It was very good experience . there was no issue .staff was very friendly and helpful.
Siva kumar sarma Sizzle Sunshine Coast
good experience with sizzle property.they are good in legal documenation and transparent.
Aurosish mohantySizzle Sunshine Coast
i take this opportunity to appreciate the service rendered by sizzle propertie . i thank mr.manider and team for rendering their service in a professional way .
Balasubramanian RSizzle Gold Coast
sizzle properties was unknown to me , when we started probing for a property afordable, with clear documents and as per our ideas and desires. but after i got in touch with you staff, at every stage , i got help and guidance . sizzle really become a part of our family chats.and very humble and polite dealing by staff. no pressure or compelling felt at any stages. Hema , lalitha did their roles excellently wee. hema was so agile in sharing all information and pictures of projects which gave a very true and deep insight of what exactly is the position of every project.
Maya suresh and suresh kumarSizzle Gold Coast
very professional and to the point of details . never had a glitch in the whole process. no concerns and look forward to buy more from sizzle , if i can.
subrahmanyamSizzle Gold Coast

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