4 solid reasons why post sales support is absolutely crucial for plots ?

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4 solid reasons why post sales support is absolutely crucial for plots ?

When you buy a mobile phone, you also purchase a mobile cover along with it to protect the new gadget. When you purchase a gold ring, you also get a case to keep it safely. Even when you pick a digital camera, you also find a carrying pouch to make sure the camera is not damaged while you are on the move.

So when you make an investment in a plot, what are  you doing to protect the property? Don’t you think it is important to ensure your property is well looked after and taken care of?

Because if you don’t protect the land you own, it would look abandoned and uncared for like a no man’s land. It would be littered with garbage and grown with harmful weeds. Sometimes, your land would also begin to stink spreading foul smell because of drainage leak. Needless to mention, the rainwater that soaks the land, making it sloppy and hard to walk during the rainy seasons.

You certainly don’t want to see your land in such a pity state. Do you?

We know the sweat and pain that goes behind every investment you make.

That’s why, we at Sizzle Properties, go that extra mile and take the extra responsibility of maintaining your plots.

Now let’s discover the four reasons why your plot needs post sales support.

Your plot will be free from noxious weeds and garbage.

Know what? When a vacant land is found, it is naturally presumed as a dumping ground    for garbage and littered with waste.Then we also have those unwanted plants and shrubs that grow.

The result? You will find loads of debris and bushes when you return to the land to start    construction. Cleaning them would be an expense.

Sometimes, if you are planning to sell your land due to emergency situations, people interested in the plot might even negotiate with you because it doesn’t look spic and span.

So we offer periodic cleanups for the land and ensure it is always ready for construction or sale.

 Your plot will be safe and secure

Illegal trespassing and construction are a common issue in the real  estate industry.So it is very important you visit your land on a frequent  basis to ensure it is safe from encroachments.

However, in our busy life, you might find it impossible to visit because  your professional and personal commitments would be the priority and  site visits would take the backseat.It is for this reason we provide our 24/7 security guard service as a part    of our post-sales support.

  Besides, even if you build your own house and start living, you would feel  safe, as our security guards are always there to watch. That means, you could go to office with total peace of mind as your beloved ones are living in a protected environment.

Your entire neighborhood will be well maintained

A properly functioning drainage system, tidy parks and play area, pruning plants and trees on a regular basis are some of the must-do activities to ensure your neighborhood looks pleasing to eyes and also doesn’t affect the activities of your everyday life.

At Sizzle Properties, we make sure the entire layout is maintained with utmost care and diligence on a regular basis. Even if you make a surprise visit, our layouts would look clean and tidy.

You will get assistance for Property Tax Payment

Every year, you need to pay property tax to the government. But you might not be able to squeeze out time from your busy schedule just to pay taxes.Our post-sale support team understands this problem and makes it convenient for you by helping you file taxes. In fact, we even help our customers to resell the land if they wish.Because, at Sizzle Properties, we are dedicated to doing everything we can to free you from the hassles involved in buying a land and maintaining land.

Remember, you will get post sales support only when you buy a land from a reputed developer like us. With standalone plots, such advantages are a far cry.

So next time, when you buy a land, always ask whether the developer offers post-sales support.