4 factors that trigger the land appreciation value of East Bangalore

East Bangalore is one of the most favorite regions for real estate investments. Over the last 10 years, the eastern Bangalore has witnessed a stupendous development, making it a best bet for buying lands and properties.

As a general rule of thumb, the land appreciation value of a place depends on these following aspects of a location:

  • The supply and demand dynamics of a particular location
  • Infrastructure development
  • Population growth
  • Fiscal inflation
  • Now, let’s discover the four crucial factors that trigger the land appreciation value in East Bangalore.

Excellent return of investment

Now, let’s discover the four crucial factors that trigger the land appreciation value in East Bangalore.

Be it residential areas like Hoskote , Gunjur, IT hubs like Whitefield, ITPL, government business centres like K.R.Puram, East Bangalore is surrounded by a wealth of organizations, tech-parks, IT companies, shopping centers, and entertainment venues. World-famous industries and offices have made East Bangalore as their location base.

In the last few years, numerous 5-star hotels, shopping malls, and fine dining restaurants have opened in Whitefield and ORR-Sarjapur collectively. Also, this region has reputed international schools and multi specialty hospitals.

Since East Bangalore has attracted numerous companies, offering jobs for thousands of people, the demand for good residential plots are always on the rise. So buying lands and properties promises a good return of investment within a short time span.

Desirable lifestyle

Even though East Bangalore has attracted a lot of real estate investments and witnessed phenomenal growth over the years, the region still retains its natural beauty and peaceful ambiance. Thanks to the lush greenery and lovely weather, East Bangalore offers the quintessential good old Bangalore lifestyle that you simply can’t enjoy in the city.

This is one of the prime reasons why you can find plenty of affluent residential projects happening in the region. Take a short drive and you will spot residential projects from some of the biggest property developers in the city. That’s because East Bangalore is one of the finest regions to live and raise your children.

Splendid career opportunities

One of the main factors that trigger the land appreciation value of East Bangalore is the job opportunity the region offers. From popular IT parks like ITPB (ITPL),  Brigade Tech Park, GR Tech Park, Bearys Golbal Research Triangle, Bagmane Tech Park, and Sigma Tech Park to multi-national companies, East Bangalore is filled with companies and industries that attracts the brightest talent from all over india. The emerging start-up culture also brings in numerous people to this part of Bangalore.

The possibility of promising career-growth combined with peaceful locational advantage and modern residential areas close to the work places makes this region a desirable investment choice for people from all walks of life . So the demand for good homes and rentals attracts a wide range of property developers to invest in the region.

Easy connectivity to city center

The infrastructure of a place is one of the vital factors, contributing to      the land appreciation value. Whether it is the Namma Metro Project, the  proposed Chennai-Bengaluru Six-Lane Expressway, or the proposed P  Peripheral Ring Road and Satellite Town Ring Road (STRR), East  Bangalore promises fantastic connectivity to not only all the parts of the  city, but also elsewhere.

With a variety of transport modes, including train, buses, and private  vehicles, you can easily travel without worrying much about traffic.  When commuting to work, shops, schools, and leisure venues becomes  hassle-free, the appreciation value of both the land and properties will  increase naturally.

So if you consider all these factors that trigger the land appreciation value and also the phenomenal absorption of growth in the last few years, it is for certain that East Bangalore will continue to be a shining spot for real estate investments in the years to come.