What does Location in Real-Estate mean?


We have often heard that when it comes to real estate, location, location, location is what matters. But, what does it really mean? Let’s have a closer look at the very important concept in real estate in the context of our city, Bangalore.

On a daily basis, scores of skilled labour pours into this city from all over the country. Blue collar jobs and service sector jobs have been on an upward trend for a few decades now. And, this trend will only continue for the foreseeable future. Bangalore’s moderate climate, a culture of integration and access to facilities are desirable factors in Bangalore attracting people on a daily basis.

Investment in apartments is evident and obvious. But, we also see more and more people buying land or plots within the city and outside, predicting an appreciation of land value. They are completely right about this. Land value will appreciate in Bangalore, as the city expands and grows in all directions. And, this is where location plays an important role.

Generally, your return on investment on land is higher when there is nature around. This means, a developer who has paid attention to greenery has the best interest of the purchaser in mind, because the developer knows that trees within a layout, or a plotted development, yield more returns in the future. And, older the trees, the more the land appreciates.

Accessibility to facilities like hospitals, schools and supermarkets is another key factor. Land appreciates faster where facilities are established. The simple relationship is, a plot of land becomes more desirable when living there becomes desirable.

At the point of investing in land, besides the obvious factors like price and reputation of the builder, do pay attention to the location from the points of view mentioned in this article. You will have then made a purchase that yields future results, better than you expect.